A cross-cultural study of consumer attitudes and emotional responses of apparel purchase behavior


作者:王韻(Yun Wang)


出版社:Showwe Information Co., Ltd.





The purpose of this book was to examine the emotional responses while consumers are shopping, consumer attitudes toward apparel shopping, subjective norms, individual differences, and demographic factors for U.S. and Taiwan consumers’ apparel purchase intentions and purchase behavior.


王韻 (Wang, Yun)

Yun Wang was born on September 17, 1972 in Taiwan. She has received numerous awards and honors including the 2002-2003 Marjorie Joseph Scholarship, 2003-2004 Lois Dickey Fellowship, and Sara Douglas Fellowship for Professional Promise, all of these honors were awarded by the International Textile and Apparel Association. She has been inducted into the Hortense Glenn and Kappa Omicron Nu honor societies at the Florida State University in 2003. She has a tremendous amount of initiative and competency, is an extremely responsible and conscientious individual who can accomplish the tasks before her in a most appropriate manner. She is a bright, hardworking, energetic, generous and kind individual. She not only has teaching and research experience but also has extensive industry experience as a marketing planner, sales manager, fabric buyer and apparel broker.

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